Serve 4 with a 16 Piece Dinnerware Set

Have you been looking for a way to serve 4 people in casual style? A 16-piece dinnerware set from Pfaltzgraff is your answer! These sets come with 4 each of dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowls, and mugs. They’re just what you need to cover your family’s everyday dinnerware needs!

Summer Breeze 16-Piece Dinnerware Set
16 Piece Summer Breeze Dinnerware Set
Along with standard 16 piece sets, Pfaltzgraff offers a number of other solutions for serving 4 people. Their Pistoulet pattern, for example, comes in sets of 12, 16, or 20 pieces. The 12-piece sets omit the soup bowls, while the 20-piece set adds 4 salad bowls along with the usual soup bowls. This gives you a versatility that is rare in other manufacturer’s sets!

Round Pistoulet 16 Piece Dinnerware Set Square 16 Piece Pistoulet Dinnerware Set, Service for 4
16 Piece Pistoulet Dinnerware Sets, Round and Square

Pfaltzgraff doesn’t only sell the dinnerware sets. You can get matching serveware, placemats, and other accessories for almost every pattern. Not only that, they offer flat rate shipping on all orders up to $99.00 and free shipping for all orders above that! Just CLICK HERE to go to Pfaltzgraff’s site and get the 16 piece dinnerware set that you’ve been looking for!


Plates: Dinnerware Essentials

Have your dinners been lacking pizzazz? Gourmet chefs say that the presentation of a meal is just as important as its actual taste. To bring that restaurant feel to your own dining room, spice things up by putting your dinners on a new set of plates by Pfaltzgraff!

Pfaltzgraff’s plates come in a wide range of patterns to match every mood and decor. Even better, you can buy any number you need, so you don’t have to put up with mismatched dinnerware no matter how many people you’re serving. Buy them by the piece for one or two people, or get them in sets if you have more people at the table!

Dinnerware - Plates

If looking at the same dishes all year gets boring, there’s no need to worry. It’s easy to equip yourself with dinner plates for every season. Of course, you can also get matching or complementary pieces for the other elements of your meal. Salad plates, mugs, saucers, salad bowls, and soup bowls are also available. Add a serving set for those big holiday dinners, too.

Don’t be bored with your meals any longer. Just CLICK HERE to go to Pfaltzgraff and get the exciting plate patterns you’ve been looking for today!

Dinner Plates


Enjoy a Huge Selection of Dishes – Dinnerware

Dishes from Pfaltzgraff

Whether you’re starting a new household or refreshing your old one, you need a good set of dishes for enjoyable meals at home. Don’t settle for the tiny selection at your local store – go to Pfaltzgraff.com for a HUGE selection that is bound to give you exactly what you’re looking for! Pfaltzgraff’s dinnerware patterns range from old-fashioned to highly modern, so you can find pieces that go with any decor. Not only that, they offer everything from single pieces to giant sets. You’ll never have to worry about having too many or too few dishes when you use Pfaltzgraff!

Pfaltzgraff Dishes

The Pfaltzgraff Company has been in business since 1811, so you can be sure that they know how to make quality dishes. They have kept up with changing times by introducing modern patterns like Pistoulet, offering reasonable shipping rates, and providing their excellent Lifetime Replacement Program. With this program, you can replace any piece that you’ve dropped or chipped for only 50% of the normal manufacturer’s suggested price!

Just CLICK HERE to go to Pfaltzgraff and choose the dishes that delight you today!